Friday, July 31, 2009

Rick McCarthy

Rick McCarthy

We are pleased to be representing Toronto artist, Rick McCarthy. Rick works in a variety of mediums and has over the years produced a number of paintings, prints and drawings. He has shown his work in major cities in Canada and the United States and is in a number of collections, both private and public.  *Unfortunately we no longer have any of Rick's work.

To read about Rick's career and view his work go to his website

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toni Kuo

Meet Toni Kuo

We have some wonderful new work from Stratford fabric artist, Toni Kuo. We are very excited about her colourful pillow shams, shown here, and purses. Toni's use of high quality designer fabric combined with her ability to put pattern and colour together in a unique way make each pillow the perfect accessory to spice up a bed, couch or chair.

Toni's Purses

Here are Toni's purses and like her pillow shams they are all made out of high quality designer fabric each one a little work of art. They come in two designs, one with a drawstring closing and one with a zippered closing. Add a little bit of colour to your outfit by having an original Toni Kuo bag! * All sold out!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Leslie Watts

Leslie Watts is an artist from Stratford that we have been representing for a number of years. 'Beech Tree', the work seen here, is an acrylic on canvas painting of a beech tree Leslie saw in the garden of Gilbert White's House in Selbourne, Hampshire while travelling in the UK several years ago. We usually have a number of Leslie's works in the store. To see what we have available and what works we have had and sold you can link to Leslie's website.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stephanie Lapierre

The Orchid and Lace design necklaces shown here are by Stephanie Lapierre, a Montreal jeweller. We have carried Stephanie's work for several years now and it continues to be very popular. Her more elaborate designs are fabulous with evening wear and work well with prom and bridal gowns. Her simpler pieces can be worn with sweaters, suits and even blue jeans and a tee shirt.